1997: Mr. Ravi Nair

1997:  Mr. Ravi Nair

Born in 1954 in the Indian Ocean island of Madgascar, Mr.Ravi Nair began his life as a journalist and political activist in New Delhi.  In 1994, he became a founding member of the association for the protection of Democratic Rights.  Later on, he worked under the banner of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

In 1986, he moved to a wider arena, working with Amnesty International in London first and as regional liaison officer for South Pacific region and then as one of its four global campaign coordinators.

Returning to India three years later, he set up the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre, New Delhi, a pioneer in its field.  Associated with various international rights groups, he is the South Asia representative of Bangkok based Asia Pacific Human Rights NGO’s follow up committee.

In recognition of the services rendered to the cause of protection and promotion of human rights, Vigil India Movement gave away the M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award 1997 to Mr.Ravi Nair.

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