Vigil Lawyers’ Network

Vigil Lawyers’ Network is active in assisting citizens in pursuing human rights issues through the court system under the guidance of Lawyers part of the Vigil Lawyers Network of Vigil India Movement. It gives free legal aid to victims of human rights violations to conduct cases before the courts and Human Rights Commissions in Kerala, Bihar, A.P and U.P.

Vigil India Movement organizes Adalat Mukti Abhiyan in Champaran district to encourage people to settle cases out of court and to build a mechanism for alternative dispute resolution. The intention is to help the poor by saving time, money and other resources spent in prolonged litigation. The State Government and the Bar association have launched Lok Adalat programmes for settlement of disputes. The Vigil programme aims at supplementing this official effort. Expansion of Vigil Lawyers, Network is under consideration.
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