Vision and Objectives


“Vigil India Movement strives to insist HOPE in the minds of the people, make them FEARLESS and equip them to STRUGGLE for the realization of a truly democratic and egalitarian society.”

Aims and Objectives:

1. To strive for establishing and promoting a truly secular, egalitarian, democratic and just society.

2. To promote human rights and human dignity and values that embraces every sphere of life.

3. To take steps and measures to make democracy in India meaningful to the people and improve their economic and social condition.

4. To inculcate and promote among the people of India respect for democratic institutions and higher values of life.

5. To support measures calculated to prevent oppression and exploitation by whatsoever means or by whosoever of the poorer and weaker sections of the community.

6. To take steps for the amelioration of the rights of women, children, tribals, dalits, minority communities and other persecuted and marginalized sections in society.

7. To strive for people’s participation in the decision making process at every level of society where people can raise their voices on concerns, especially relating to protection of their human rights