1996: Ms. Malladi Subbamma

1996:  Ms. Malladi Subbamma

Ms. Malladi Subbamma devoted herself heart and soul in the struggle to secure a place of dignity and honour for women.  Realising the need to develop strong organizations to carry on the Movement in a sustained manner, she set up the Mahila Hrudaya Samstha which now serves as a sphere head of women’s liberation.

Any assault on women by anyone instantly draws Ms.Malladi Subbamma’s ire.  Be it the belabouring of a woman in nearby Nalgonda or an act of Sati in distant Rajasthan or the shunting off nuns in a convent, she jumps in to the fray to battle the forces that stand in the way of women’s freedom and dignity.

She played an active role in the campaign against arrack launched by women of Andhra Pradesh that led to the prohibition of arrack in the State.  She has been promoting inter- caste marriages; she herself often officiates at these secular wedding ceremonies.

Ms. Subbamma has also been associated with a wide spectrum of human rights activities under the auspices of the Citizen for Democracy and the People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

A Reformer cast in the renaissance mould, Ms. Subbamma has effectively articulated the concept of women’s rights as human rights.

In recognisation of her significant contribution to the protection and promotion of human rights in general and of women’s rights in particular, the Vigil India Movement presented the M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award 1996 to Ms.Malladi Subbamma.
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