1994: People's Union for Civil Liberties

1994:   People’s Union for Civil Liberties

People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), as it is widely known, was born when the emergency rule had eclipsed the freedom enshrined in the Constitution of India.  As darkness enveloped the country and the people waited for a ray of hope, a band of freedom lovers came together under its banner to expose the civil rights violations and secure for the victims such redress as was possible in the prevailing circumstances.  It was a task that called for courage and dedication.  The People’s Union for Civil Liberties leadership proved itself capable of taking up the task. 

After the emergency rule ended, People’s Union for Civil Liberties extended its concern beyond protection of the citizen’s legal and Constitutional rights and expanded its activities to cover the whole of human rights.  It took up the cause of bonded labour, women and other oppressed sections. 

It stood up against torture and killings in trouble-torn States such as Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, whose larger sections of the people tend to condone, in the belief that they are unavoidable in combating terrorism.

The glorious battles waged by PUCL under a competent leadership are a source of inspiration and encouragement to all.  In recognisation of its meritorious services, Vigil India Movement is pleased to present it with the “M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award for 1994”.
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