Consultation on "Women and Child Rights"

Consultation on “Women and Child Rights
9 April 2013, Youth Hostel, Patna, Bihar

One day consultation on “Women and Child Rights” was organized at Youth Hostel, Patna on 9 April 2013.  Nearly 28 participants from different sectors and vigil groups participated in the consultation.

Adv. K.D. Singh welcomed the participants and Resource Persons for the programme.   Mr. John VM Juliana, Programme Manager briefed about the concept of the consultation and he has highlighted the present reality on crime again women and our response to take effective measures to control the crime rate against women and children in India.  He also briefly explained about Vigil India Movement and its tireless effort in promoting human rights for more than 30 years. 

Prof. Umesh Pratap Singh,   took a session on Women and Child Rights.   Prof. Umesh has elaborated the Women and Child Rights issues in India and briefly outlined Constitutional provisions and International Instruments such as Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. He also emphasized that women and children do not enjoys the basic rights as men enjoys. In India women are deprived of basic rights in the name of tradition and culture particularly states like Bihar, UP, Orissa and Jharkhand still practices witchcraft and forces the women folk as victims of such practices. At the concluding, he insisted that NGOs and Civil Society Organizations must take a pivotal role in protecting and promoting the rights of Women and Children by organizing mass awareness campaigns in the regions.    

The participants were divided into two groups and they were asked to discuss the child labour and child marriage issues that prevail in Bihar.  One representative from each group presented the issues discussed.     Mr. Ram Chandar Lal Singh and Dr. Rajesh Ranjan shared their concerns about the issues and requested the Vigil India to organise similar programmes in Bihar to regroup revitalise the Vigil Groups in Bihar.

Adv. K.D. Singh summarized the highlights of the programme and expressed his gratitude to the participants and the VIM for organizing a consultation at Patna.

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