Irula women Sexually abused by Police - Tirukoilur

The Chairman
National Human Rights Commission
Faridkot House
Copernicus Marg
New Delhi-110001

Respected Sir,

The Vigil India Movement has received information from the Irular (Tribe) Community from Tirukoilur, concerning the case of sexual abuse and torture by the policemen in Tirukoilur, Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu.   The incident took place in T.Mandpam a tribal hamlet in Tirukoilur Taluk limit on 22 November 2011.    A group of eight policemen from Tirukoilur Police Station went to T.Mandapam village at around 08.00PM in connection with a theft case and called the Mr. Kasi’s relatives Laxmi, Radhika, Vaitheeswari and Karthika   for investigation.  Once they get into Police van, the police took them to a densely wooded area and these girls were sexually abused, tortured and raped throughout the night by the arrogant police and they were let to go home on 23 November morning without any investigation.

It is reported that  Laxmi (20) one of the victim and Prabha Kalvimani a coordinator of Irular Tribal Welfare Society registered a complaint with the Superintendent of Police Mr. Bhaskaran on Saturday 26 November 2011 at Villupuram.  Yet the accused were not identified and arrested.  The way the investigation is in progress, the complainant feels that the police department is in favour of the accused and trying to cover up the case even though the nature of the crime is crueler, inhuman and violence against women.  

Case Narrative:

Laxmi, a 20 year old Irula tribal lady married to Mr. Kasi (22) from the same community.  Both are working in Brick Camber near Ulunderpet town and during off days they normally back to their village in T. Mandapam, Tirukoilur Taluk.   On 22 November 2011, when they were in T. Mandapam with their family members, at around 03.00PM, three policemen from Tirukoilur Police station came and took Mr. Kasi to the Police station in connection with a theft case. 

Soon after the incident, Kasi’s partents, Murugan, Vallikannu and brother kumar rushed to Tirukoilur police station and they were informed that Kasi was taken to Villupuram police station for further investigation and they were also tortured and held up in police custody in Tirukoilur police station without any proper intimation.  Kasi’s mother Vallikannu was threatened and forced to give her thump impression in a whitepaper by the police.

Later on the same day night at 08.00PM, a group of eight policemen came to the village and looted nearly 80grams of gold jewelry, four cell phones and cash Rs. 2000/- from Murugan’s house and reportedly harassed the villagers who were opposed this lootings.   Then the policemen forced Kasi’s wife Laxmi and three other girls Radhika, Vaitheeswari and Karthika to get into police van for further investigation.  When they get into a police van,  the police took them to a densely wooded area and sexually abused and raped them throughout the night and warned them not to tell this incident to anyone and let them to go back to their home on 23 November morning.   

These girls complained this incident to the villagers and then one of the victims Laxmi and Mr. Prabha Kalvimani, a coordinator of Irular Tribal Welfare Society filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Police at Villupuram on 26 November 2011. 

Based on the complaint, Superintendent of Police Mr. Bhaskaran, reported to media that since they could not name the policemen involved in the incident, cases invoking Sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 427 (causing damage to currency notes), 363 (kidnapping) and Section 376 (rape) read with Section 3 (1) (12) of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act were booked against certain unidentified policemen. Further he informed to the media that he did not find any truth so far on his personal investigation of the case filed by Ms. Laxmi and Prabha.   However, he has sent the report to the District Collector as per section 151 of IPC for further investigation.  So far there is hardly any information about the victims’ relatives who are in police custody.

Ms. Laxmi a complainant and a co-complainant Mr. Prabha Kalvimani were upset over the statement made by S.P. Bhaskaran without the proper investigation and Interrogation.    They demand proper and honest investigation to arrest the accused and release the innocent victims those who are held up in police custody. 

Hence the complainant request and appeal to the Human Rights Commission to intervene in the case and take proper action against the accused policemen and give proper compensation to the victims.   

In this regard, Vigil India Movement expresses its concern over proper investigation and seeks your urgent intervention to protect the victims of Irula Tribes.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Copy to:

1.       The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Secretariat, Chennai.
2.       The Chairperson, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi.
3.       The Chairperson, National Commission for Women, New Delhi. ,
4.       The Chairperson, State Human Rights Commission, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
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