Women’s Consultation

One day consultation for Women Vigil Group members was held on 11th August 2010 at the National Office.  The main purpose of the consultation was to revive the Vigil groups in Kanyakumari district and strengthen the vigil group activities in South Tamil Nadu. 

Dr. Mathews George Chunakara, Honorary Director briefed about the consultation and he has emphasized the need to strengthen the vigil group activities  particularly in Kanyakumari district while recollecting the achievements of the last three decades.  Then the Kanyakumari vigil group members also described the present status of the vigil groups and shared their concerns to revive the groups.

While discussing various issues the following were decided to initiate the revival plan in Kanyakumari district.

·         Organize four one day workshop / training programme at Taluk level for women vigil group members in Kanyakumari district preferably in the month of October.   Mrs. Mary Immaculate and Mrs. Amirthabai and Team are entrusted to look after the meeting arrangements at Taluk level.
·         Address the local problems such as water, health, domestic violence, senior citizen welfare, women’s reservation and political affairs in the workshops / trainings.
·         Ms.  Shyla Nair, Ms. Renjini Sambath, Ms. Marjorie David and Mr. John VM Juliana should serve as a resource team for the programme. 
·         It was also entrusted to Ms. Renjini Sambath and Mr. John Juliana to collect stories and compile a document for the publication of small booklet in Tamil and English titled as Three decades of Women’s Empowerment

Matters concern to VIM identification card was also discussed in the consultation and it was decided to issue membership ID card to all the Vigil group members in the future.  The first set of ID cards should be issued at the time of Taluk level training in Kanyakumari district.

Then the consultation concluded with a word of thanks.

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