National Consultation on “Climate Justice and Human Rights”

National Consultation on “Climate Justice and Human Rights” was held on 10th August 2010 at the Students Christian Movement, Bangalore.  The purpose of the consultation was to create awareness on the impact of climate change and how it violates human rights issues such as rights to health, food, water and property.  Further, the programme was intended to provide participants with the necessary skills to understand the International Human Rights Instruments and mechanisms on climate changes.   30 participants from Vigil groups, different NGOs and Educational Institutions participated in the programme.

Adv. K. Pratap Reddy, President, VIM inaugurated the consultation and briefly introduced the concerns of VIM to the participants.  Dr. Ambrose Pinto, Principal, St. Joseph College delivered the Key note address.  Dr. Pinto summarized the general impact of the Climate Justice and Human Rights and urged the participants to take up the climate change issues as human rights concerns. 

Mr. Ishwar Poojar, Centre for Environment Education, Bangalore explained the impact of Climate Change – food, health and other basic amenities and Dr. M.J. Joseph took a session on “Climate crisis – eco-vision at the cross roads”.   

The impact of climate change was well described in the consultation and the causes and consequences of the climate change is a dangerous threat to the people, animal and nature. The participants of the consultation pledged at the concluding session that the fight for Climate Justice continues and every individual must raise their voice to protect the mother earth. 

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