1. What are the objectives of the Vigil India Movement?

The objectives are twofold;
a. To strive for a truly democratic, secular, egalitarian and just society in India.
b. To promote Human Values.

2. Is it a Political Party?

Vigil India Movement is certainly not a political party nor has it any intention of becoming one. Its main concern is the common people and their development. To this end, it cooperates with all those forces which strive for human rights. In that sense alone is the movement political in nature.

3. Can members of political parties become members of Vigil India Movement?

Yes, the Movement’s doors are open to all irrespective of caste, creed, political affiliation etc. The only requirement is a willingness to share the aspirations of the Movement, namely, a genuine concern for the people of India. Of course, they should subscribe to the objectives of the Movement.

4. How do the Vigil groups function?

Problems differ from place to place. Each Vigil group adopts its own strategy concerning local issues. Vigil groups stand united against all forms of human rights violations. Their strategy varies from fighting court cases to demonstrating in front of Government offices, organizing rallies, public protests, etc., Isolated Vigil groups find it hard to struggle alone. Contact between various Vigil groups gives them strength. Area-wise and state level meetings of conveners and members are held from time to time.

5. How is the work of the movement coordinated?

The Movement is flexibly administered. Ten or more people can form a group though 30 would be the ideal number for keeping up its dynamism. Such groups are called ‘Vigil Groups”. A Vigil group elects its own Convener. The National Office tries to maintain contact with the Vigil groups through the organizers.

6. What is the role of the National Office?

The National Office of the Vigil India Movement in Bangalore functions as a watch-dog. Perhaps, it is too much of a claim but the point is, it tries to keep constant vigil. The National Office attempts to keep in touch with the activities of Vigil groups all over the country. This, however, is not always possible. The formation of Vigil groups in new areas is the responsibility of the people in those places. Whenever authoritarianism puts up its ugly front, whenever exploitation raises its head, wherever corruption is rampant, whenever human dignity is put to indecent tests or the basic rights of human beings are denied, the National Office becomes restless and raises its voice to register its protest. Very often this goes unheeded. However, the Movement does not give up its efforts. The courageous struggle goes on.

The National Office trains the conveners periodically for invigorating the groups and updating them on current issues. Periodically the National staff visits State units and village Vigil groups to rejuvenate the Movement and learn from their experiences. Consultations are also held at the National Office on topics of national importance.

7. Does the Vigil India Movement participate in struggles against Human Rights violations in other parts of the world?

Yes, the VIM is also concerned about the Human Rights situation in other areas of the world. The Movement responds to appeals from organizations like Amnesty International, Asian Human Rights Commission and is involved in writing letters on behalf of Prisoners of the Month. It sends action appeals.

The National Office sends letters and telegrams from time to time to the heads of Governments inviting their cooperation in implementing the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The concern and struggle for Human Rights in India is seen and undertaken in the context of the total human situation on a global scale.

8. Is Vigil India Movement a religious organization?

Vigil India Movement is not a religious organization. It is a secular organization and heartily welcomes theists, atheists and agnostics to join it.

9. How is the Vigil India Movement supported?

The VIM is registered with the Government as a Trust. It is an Indian Movement. It is not affiliated to any foreign or international organizations. It seeks no financial assistance from any Government. It has a small budget and receives financial support from well wishers. Most of the workers of the Movement are honorary. However, some funds are required to run a national movement. We solicit your support. If you should like to help, please send your contributions to the Vigil India Movement Trust, 61 Charles Campbell Road, Cox Town, Bangalore – 05, India. An official receipt will be sent to you from the National Office.

10. Vigil India Movement says it is like a tent. What do you mean by it?

Yes, Vigil India Movement is like a tent. It pitches its tent in one place for some time and when it finds that someone else is involved in almost similar work in the same place, the Movement moves on to another place and begins work there. If there is no proper response in an area even after fairly long period of work, the tent again moves to another place. When the Movement finds that the work in an area has been neglected and is beyond redemption, it scraps the Vigil groups and moves on to yet another place. In other words, the Vigil India Movement does not build up permanent State, District, Taluk or Village level structures. The tent character gives the Movement strength and vitality for it is always ready to close down and move quickly to another place or launch into a different dimension of activity.

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